What Is Actually Involved in an Intervention?

While they vary in specifics, all interventions have the same goal: to come between two interacting objects to produce more desirable effects. For years, concerned families, friends and co-workers have set up convening sessions to express how an addict has affected them with her actions. Afterwards, they set out…

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Is Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment Right for Me?

Addiction treatments must be highly individualized to work, so choosing the right setting is particularly important. A person with a severe, long-term addiction or addiction to multiple drugs may benefit more from inpatient treatment while someone with a less severe addiction may only need outpatient treatment.
Benefits of Inpatient…

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Why Is Addiction Treatment So Expensive?

Addiction treatment is often more expensive than prospective patients might expect. Rehabilitation often requires 30-day stays in residential facilities with extensive professional staff. A 30-day stay in a medical center for other conditions can cost several times more, so the term expensive is relative, but for the average…

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What Role Does Open Communication Play in Maintaining Sobriety?

Most rehabilitation centers utilize a comprehensive approach to treating addiction, and personalized recovery plans address specific needs, concurrent issues and any other factor that contributed to the substance abuse. Due to the inclusive and complete nature of rehab, treatment teaches recovering addicts to let go of negative habits and embrace…

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What Makes Some Painkillers More Effective than Others?

Painkillers are medications prescribed to control pain. Depending on their ingredients, these drugs can be sold over the counter for little amounts of pain, or they may be prescription medications for more serious conditions.

According to data presented by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2010, prescription painkillers were…

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