Mental Health

How to Get Perspective on Your Addiction

Painkiller addiction can begin for a number of reasons. In some cases, painkiller addiction begins with a doctor’s prescription. In other cases, addiction can begin as a way to escape emotional pain. No matter what caused the first use, it is very important to understand how much an addiction…

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Early Sobriety: 5 Tips for Handling Cravings

Overcoming cravings in early sobriety is one of the main goals of anyone who has finished an addiction treatment. Being able to stay sober becomes an everyday goal that only draws you closer to ongoing recovery and a productive life.

However, sometimes cravings are of such magnitude that enduring them…

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What Drugs Are Commonly Abused Along with a Depression Diagnosis?

A mental health disorder can often lead to addiction. One such mental health problem strongly associated with drug addiction is depression. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over nine percent of the U.S. population meet the criteria for depression at the present time (within two weeks of…

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Preventing an Emotional Relapse Before a Physical Relapse

According to an online resource by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, relapse is not the same thing as using drugs and alcohol again. The act of renewed substance abuse is an event while relapse is a process with escalating stages that if left unchecked ultimately leads to…

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Why Embracing Spirituality Can Help You Stay Sober

Many recovery support groups and defined courses of action include a significant spiritual component. For example the classic 12-step program from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) includes belief in a greater power and involving that power in admitting wrongs, removing shortcomings and improving conscious contact. Incorporating a spiritual element, however, was…

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