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Resources that Can Help You to Not Drink

The first days or months of alcohol recovery may hold the strongest urges and cravings for relapse. In other words, once sobriety begins, it might be a challenge to remain sober, especially if you are forced to live around circumstances that make it possible for you to drink again.


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Breaking Unhealthy Habits

People sometimes know they shouldn’t smoke or drink, but they keep doing so anyway. It doesn’t take something as powerful as a drug to create a habit, so imagine how hard it is to break a physical addiction like opioid painkiller dependence. Many people attest to the importance…

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How Did the Stigma of Addiction Begin?

The American Medical Association (AMA) officially called alcoholism a disease in 1956, and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) published an extended definition of addiction in 2011 that described it as a primary and chronic disease of brain reward, motivation and memory. The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA…

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New Drug-Related Laws in 2015

When it comes to drug-related legislative changes, 2015 is a year when painkillers become less available to people without medical need, and marijuana accessibility continues to grow. Changes to drug sentencing laws are also happening on the federal and state level, and the general shift is away from strict…

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Why Embracing Spirituality Can Help You Stay Sober

Many recovery support groups and defined courses of action include a significant spiritual component. For example the classic 12-step program from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) includes belief in a greater power and involving that power in admitting wrongs, removing shortcomings and improving conscious contact. Incorporating a spiritual element, however, was…

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