Getting Help

Will Insurance Cover an Addiction Caused Hospital Trip?

Addiction to legal substances (such as opioid prescriptions or alcohol) can cause overdoses and serious medical complications just as illegal substances (such as heroin). The symptoms of an overdose may range from vomiting to loss of breath, coma, liver failure and death, so you should seek medical attention as soon…

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The Pros and Cons of Being at Home in Recovery

Anyone who has dealt with addiction knows that actions and habits have consequences. The good news is that good habits and actions reap good consequences, which means that addiction is treatable. Ergo, while many recovering addicts fall short of their goals, the following principles assist the recovery process:

Set specific…

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Giving Back: Finding Healing in Helping Others

It has been called the “cure of caring:” studies show that taking the initiative to help others is an excellent way to heal from mental and physical illnesses. In fact, such acts have proven so effective that some experts recommend adding it to the common adage of “eat right and…

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3 Ways to Make Your Sobriety Your Priority

Alarming statistics show a high number of recovered addicted individuals returning to old destructive habits through relapse, sometimes within only weeks of their initial sober date. However, rather than accept this as an indicator that it is just too difficult to achieve a sober and drug free lifestyle, it would…

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What Is Actually Involved in an Intervention?

While they vary in specifics, all interventions have the same goal: to come between two interacting objects to produce more desirable effects. For years, concerned families, friends and co-workers have set up convening sessions to express how an addict has affected them with her actions. Afterwards, they set out…

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