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Will Insurance Cover an Addiction Caused Hospital Trip?

Addiction to legal substances (such as opioid prescriptions or alcohol) can cause overdoses and serious medical complications just as illegal substances (such as heroin). The symptoms of an overdose may range from vomiting to loss of breath, coma, liver failure and death, so you should seek medical attention as soon…

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How to Get Perspective on Your Addiction

Painkiller addiction can begin for a number of reasons. In some cases, painkiller addiction begins with a doctor’s prescription. In other cases, addiction can begin as a way to escape emotional pain. No matter what caused the first use, it is very important to understand how much an addiction…

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Early Sobriety: 5 Tips for Handling Cravings

Overcoming cravings in early sobriety is one of the main goals of anyone who has finished an addiction treatment. Being able to stay sober becomes an everyday goal that only draws you closer to ongoing recovery and a productive life.

However, sometimes cravings are of such magnitude that enduring them…

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Resources that Can Help You to Not Drink

The first days or months of alcohol recovery may hold the strongest urges and cravings for relapse. In other words, once sobriety begins, it might be a challenge to remain sober, especially if you are forced to live around circumstances that make it possible for you to drink again.


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Breaking Unhealthy Habits

People sometimes know they shouldn’t smoke or drink, but they keep doing so anyway. It doesn’t take something as powerful as a drug to create a habit, so imagine how hard it is to break a physical addiction like opioid painkiller dependence. Many people attest to the importance…

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