Common Withdrawal Symptoms of Prescription Drug Abuse

Going cold turkey is excruciating for a person withdrawing from a severe prescription drug addiction. The clammy skin and bumps that spawned the cold turkey moniker are just a part of the process. Most people suffering with a prescription drug addiction need professional medical attention to make it through withdrawal…

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Common Withdrawal Symptoms of Painkiller Abuse

The abuse of painkillers typically involves prescription opioids, which is a class of semi-synthetic drugs that utilize alkaloids from opium poppy plants. Opiates, which have been used therapeutically since ancient times, bind to opioid receptors in the brain, spinal cord and digestive tract to minimize the perception of pain…

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Painkiller Withdrawal Symptoms

Pain management through prescription medication is becoming the norm when treating any kind of pain. It’s an easy fix to simply write a prescription and take pills to cope with the pain. Unfortunately, many prescriptions, such as opiates, are highly addictive if not monitored closely. The body develops a…

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